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Horshu's Craft Beers & Quality Wines is a veteran and black-owned beer and wine store. Offering our customers their very own personalized craft beer service! Strongly community-focused, our passion is service in every way! After finding out the Local Craft Beer Market was growing fast, we felt that the Brewers could use a retailer that caters to their products exclusively!

Our Specialty

As an Exclusive Craft Brewers Retailer, we give amazing customer service and a good diverse selection to our consumers! Not only are we focused on serving our customers and retailers with their favorite local craft brews and fine wines, but our community too! One thing is true about us if you don’t see your favorite craft brew here, we can get it for you!

That’s our promise! You’ll get quality service and quality brew!





Ricky Hardimon who is affectionately known by his community as ‘Horshu’ managed a wine and spirit distribution center and has over 10 years of product expertise. Horshu is not new to management and logistics, he’s been in Logistics since his US Army enlistment in 1979. He earned a master’s degree in Logistics Management from American Public University and coupled with his work experience as a distribution manager for a wine and spirits distributor, he gained knowledge about wines, regions, and local craft beers.


Co-Owner & PR Representative

Hannagale Hardimon aka Hanna is a retired Air Force Veteran who has worked with people providing compassionate care and counseling for over 30 years. She earned a master’s degree from Clark Atlanta University School of Social Work, and she brings those experiences to her job as Co-Owner and PR Rep for the business.

Hear Their Story!

“While Ricky was managing the wine and spirit distribution center, he introduced our family to an array of wines and spirits from around the world. One day our youngest son suggested that we open a “wine store” when we retired. During our research for a wine store, we discovered that there was a growing market for Local Craft Beers. The rest is history! Not only did we look forward to having something to grow of our own in our retirement, but we wanted to be able to contribute to our community! We believe in reciprocity!  From the patronage of our customers, we plan to return a portion of our profits back to the community through donations to select Powder Springs charitable organizations and/or schools. Now we look forward to success and greater involvement in the city of Powder Springs and Georgia!”

~Hanna H.

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